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Call for Paper

Topics of interest

Computer Science

Electronic Information EngineeringIntelligent Control Technology


Automation software engineering

Artificial intelligence

Computer vision

Computer security

Computer network

Computer simulation

Human-computer interaction

Information system

Robotics and automation

Knowledge data engineering

Computer science and Computer Engineering

Digital signal and image processing

Digital system and logic design

Multimedia applications

Power electronic technology

Communication signal processing

Radar engineering

Digital signal processing

Microwave technology and antenna

Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave

Signal and image processing

Automatic control and intelligent control

Computer and network technology

Network and office automation technology

Multimedia technology

Single chip microcomputer technology

Electronic system design process

Electronic design automation (EDA) technology

Digital signal processing


Intelligent control and automation

Control theory and Application

Intelligence and optimal control system

System science and system engineering

System modeling, analysis and synthesis

Power system and its automation

Power electronics and power drive

Smart grid

Automatic control theory

Signal collection and processing

Database establishment and maintenance

NC programming

Electrical control technology

Development of single chip microcomputer


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